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Follow these 4 important tips if you want to win

✓ TIP 1: Public votes make up for 50% of the overall decision and will be a huge factor when it comes to selecting the winner of this year’s competition, so get your votes everyday and make them count ladies.

✓ TIP 2: Don’t leave it to the last minute to sign up, as you may leave yourself with less time to get votes.

✓ TIP 3: When signing up, make sure you fill out your bio by including what you’re interested in etc.. this will give the public a reason vote for you.

✓ TIP 4: Share your Miss Palm View Profile to your Facebook page, Twitter etc.. and ask others to share it to their pages to help you get votes. You can share your profile as many times as you like a day, to help you get the votes you need to win, so make the effort and ask others to make the effort and share it too.