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Miss Palm View is a nationwide online model search / competition that takes place only once a year and offers aspiring models an opportunity of a lifetime. Obtaining the prestigious title and status of being Miss Palm View allows the lucky winner to travel abroad free of charge to indulge in exotic, on-location photo shoots and enjoy breathtaking scenery, whilst relaxing in some of the world’s most desired holiday destinations.

The lucky winner of Miss Palm View will not only have the opportunity to travel, but she will also receive a €36,000 cash prize, a Louis Vuitton handbag, a 64GB iPhone 6 (White/Gold), an exclusive modelling contract, a professional portfolio worth €15,000, a personal hair stylist and makeup artist to assist at all photo shoots (both home and abroad), along with a wide range of other fabulous additional prizes such as vouchers, products and merchandise from the proud sponsors of the competition and finally a published interview in an illustrated magazine where she will get the opportunity to discuss her experiences as Miss Palm View.

Miss Palm View is a fun and friendly competition that focuses on presence, personality and diversity, offering everybody in the community, of the required age, an equal opportunity to win the prestigious title, extravagant prizes & life changing adventure.


Miss Palm View was founded in 2012, when Irish entrepreneur / philanthropist Gerald Hodge A.K.A NOX, creator of the highly successful Bad Candy brand along with other charitably driven organisations, was contacted by the President & Chairman of a luxury vacation company to help market their brand. NOX was an ideal candidate due to his unrivalled expertise in internet marketing and brand creation. He used his vast knowledge of the modelling industry to create and develop a cover girl competition with the objective to find the face of the luxurious vacation company by hosting a nationwide model search. Unfortunately the affiliation was short lived, as the vacation company failed to deliver the overall prize. NOX who has always sought to fortify the community was disappointed as he had viewed the search as a fantastic, life changing opportunity for the public, with this in mind he decided to invent a new opportunity, by creating a prestigious pageant. He branded it Miss Palm View to reflect the beauty and tranquillity of it’s exotic prize destinations. He also formed a committee, to oversee the development and the continuation of the pageant as a stand alone entity. The objective of the pageant would be to find the face of Miss Palm View, the winner of the pageant would earn the prestigious title and status of being Miss Palm View, giving her the opportunity to enjoy a life of luxury by travelling to exotic destinations, residing in lavish accommodation and experiencing breathtaking beaches. NOX also included other fabulous prizes in the form of modelling contracts, along with 18 professional portfolios each worth €500 for contestants and members of the public to win as additional prizes, at Miss Palm View special events. Understanding that this was now a life changing opportunity for some, NOX sought to ensure that the foundations of the pageant would be true and just for all contestants. To truly achieve this feat, he decided not to follow in the footsteps and regimes of other mainstream pageants. Instead he based Miss Palm View on presence, personality and diversity, eliminating the many restrictions other pageants set in place, that may stand in the way of aspiring contestants. He introduced an online round to reduce preparation costs for contestants and their supporters who would have naturally travelled from round to round. This also offered everybody an equal opportunity to simultaneously sign up and compete for a place in the semi-final to win the prestigious title and life changing adventure.


In 2013, professional Irish model Carmen Phoenix, was appointed the position to become the first ever face of Miss Palm View and experience the exquisite lifestyle first hand. Carmen travelled to numerous exotic locations including The Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Marbella, Cape Verde, and Miami. As Carmen travelled from country to country she indulged in local delicacies, experienced different cultures, traditions and engaged in lavish photo shoots in remote areas chosen specifically for their beautiful settings.
 By the time Carmen had completed half of her term, the time had come to begin the search to find the face of Miss Palm View 2014 and hold an illustrious celebration to finally unveil the prestigious pageant to the public. Carmen’s home town, Dublin, Ireland, was selected to host the Miss Palm View launch party. The luxurious event was held at the Hamilton Hotel/Nightclub and advertisements were played on hit radio station, 98 FM. There were a variety of celebrities and models who attended the highly exclusive launch party. Carmen was offered a position on the judges panel by the MPV committee as the third judge in Miss Palm View, due to the personal knowledge and experiences she had gained while holding the title. Carmen’s modelling career soared as later that year she would go on to become the CEO of the Bad Candy Model Agency and make her television début.


Now with one of the fastest growing fan bases in it’s respective field, Miss Palm View is quickly becoming one of the world’s most prestigious beauty pageants. In 2014 the new face of Miss Palm View was crowned, by the name of Rochelle Robenson. At Rochelle’s time of entry she was just a 16 year old schoolgirl with a dream to become a model. Little did she know what the year ahead would have in store for her. Rochelle, coming from a considerably large family, unfortunately never before had the opportunity to travel outside of her home country. But when she discovered Miss Palm View, she saw it as an opportunity of a lifetime. She sought the approval of her mother before entering the competition and her mother agreed, being
 her biggest supporter. Soon her friends and the rest of her community joined in with their support, all rallying behind Rochelle. Before Rochelle knew it the competition was coming to a close and she was in the lead! When all the votes were counted, she was astonished to find that she was the winner. Having won the new title of Miss Palm View 2014, Rochelle had so much to look forward to, having never travelled out of Ireland this was an exciting new adventure for Rochelle and an opportunity for her to finally see the world while doing something she has always dreamed of, modelling. That same year, 18 year old fashion student Natalia Nevens also entered Miss Palm View 2014. Although she did not win the title herself, she came in second place and won that year’s consolation prize, which meant she still got to experience many benefits of being Miss Palm View. Rochelle and Natalia enjoyed VIP access, 5 star accommodation, a modelling contract supplied by the Bad Candy Model Agency, a portfolio courtesy of Bad Candy Photography and an absolute lifetime worth of memories.